Use Of Lasik Eye Surgery for Effective, Reliable, Fast and Safe Vision Correction

One of the most popular and safest methods of vision correction is Lasik laser treatments. The refractive surgery conducted for vision correction of various eye diseases is known as Lasik eye surgery. The Lasik eye surgery for vision correction is basically divided into three steps that are flap creation, Laser Reshaping and Repositioning of the flap. Let us discuss each of the following steps involved in Lasik laser treatment in details.

Flap Creation:-

First step of the Lasik eye surgery after the application of local anesthetic to numb the cornea is to create a flap of 90–130 micron. The flab can be created by using surgical instruments, which is known as micro-keratome, with oscillating blade that is precisely designed for the purpose of creating cornea flap.

Another method, which is FDA approved, uses precision laser for the purpose of creating the flap. Based on use of micro-keratome and precision laser for cutting the thin flap into the eye’s cornea, the Lasik eye surgery is divided into blade and blade-free Lasik eye surgery respectively.

Laser Reshaping:-

After the desired flap of 90 to 130 micron is created by using micro-keratome or precision laser, the next step is to alter the curvature of the cornea by several laser shots, which is based on the predefined cornea profile of specific patients created by extremely advanced computer. The flap is precisely swap under the supervision of highly skilled eye surgeons, on the bed to generate a constant surface.

Repositioning Of The Flap:-

The swapped flap is cautiously put back to its place, once the corneal tissues are removed and the cornea is reshapes by using the extremely focused laser rays, for the purpose of improving the vision. The cornea heals naturally as the flap sticks to the bed within few minutes. After the surgery, the vision of the patients is restores within few weeks of proper care and medications.

If rendered under the supervision of eye specialists and by using advanced equipment, the success rate of Lasik laser treatment is very high as compared to other traditional vision correction techniques. In addition to this, Lasik laser is known for providing better vision as compared to all other traditional vision correction technique.

Many reputed, valued and appreciated eye care institutes in Delhi are known for providing best in class Lasik laser treatment for vision correction at the most competitive prices.

With the aid of specialist doctors and eye specialists, Blade Free Lasik in Delhi is provided by many valued and appreciated eye-care institute and clinics.

Eye surgeons and other support staff are trained to handle different cases with utmost care. Due to high success rate, Lasik laser treatment is highly popular in Delhi and NCR region. Ultra-modern facility and years of experience of handling complicated eye problems, has helped many valued eye care centers have been able to win the trust of their customers.


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