What is the advantage of Blade-free LASIK surgery?

Blade Free Lasik in delhi

Blade Free Lasik in delhi

One of the primary requirements of Lasik eye treatment is Flap Creation. In traditional Lasik eye correction surgery, the flap was created by using microkeratome, which is high speed blade. This type of Lasik laser surgery is known as Blade Lasik Eye surgical procedures. Nowadays more advanced procedures are used to creation of flap. In these LASIK procedures, the flap is created by using advanced precision laser.

As per the convenience of the patients and expertise of eye surgeons, any of the two methods can be used for the purpose of creating the flap at the cornea of the eye. As per recent studies, it hardly matter on the visual outcome, whether blade (microkeratome) or blade-free (precision laser) procedures are used for the purpose of creation of flap. Although blade-free Lasik surgery has some advantage over safety of the patients but it really does not matter how the flap was created on final outcome.

In rare cases under the supervision of inexperience doctors, the blade can make irregular or buttonhole at the center of the cornea, which can be avoided by using advanced precision laser for generation of flap. This risk of an irregular flap is reduced by using Blade-free LASIK. Whatever procedures are used but the risk of complications is always there will cutting the flap.

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