Modern Methods of Treatment of Eye Related Diseases or Problems-Blade Free Lasik Eye Treatment

In last 20 years, the number of successful treatment of eye-related problems with the help of sophisticated LASIK surgeries has increased manifold. The vision of thousands of patients has improved by using these latest technology Lasik laser eye treatment surgeries. Are you looking for treatment of different eye related problems through Lasik laser in Delhi, There are the number of reputed and well-known organization in Delhi that renders best in class Lasik surgeries at cost effective prices.

Blade Free Lasik in delhi

Blade Free Lasik in delhi

For treatment of different types of eye-related problems such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, doctors recommend laser-assisted in-situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) surgical procedures. Lasik laser surgery consists of three main parts, which consists of creating the flap, reshaping of the cornea using precision laser and the final steps are repositioning of the flap under the supervision of qualified and experienced professionals.

Traditional a fast moving blade known as microkeratome was used to create a thin flap into the cornea of the patient. Another method used for the purpose of creating flap is known as blade-free LASIK. This procedure was introduced in the year 1999, in which the thin cut is made by using high-energy precision laser known as the femrosecond laser.

Once the cut is made, the next step is to modify the curvature of the cornea of the eye for improving vision by using a high-density laser beam. The laser shots are known as “ABLATION”. The correction is done by using predetermined corneal profile that is generated by using the sophisticated computer. Finally, the flap is replaced on the bed for producing an uninterrupted surface. The final step of Lasik laser eye treatment is repositioning of the flap once the laser removes the corneal tissues.

The Blade Free Lasik in Delhi is preferred over traditional Lasik laser sugary due to precision and safety. For the purpose of ensuring optimum effectiveness and fast recovery, the reputed eye hospitals in Delhi has appointed a team of qualified and experienced eye surgeons and eye specialists. With thousands of successfully blade –free surgeries conducted every year, the reputed eye care hospitals has been able to win the trust of its patients in the most efficient manner.

Due to well-known hospitals, experienced eye surgeons and ultra-modern medical facilities, the patients can get highly effective Keratoconus Treatment in Delhi at the most competitive price possible. For effective treatment of keratoconus, the new eyeglasses are used. If eyeglasses don’t provide proper vision, the proper contract lenses can be used.

For the treatment of keratoconus, doctors recommend different types of surgical procedure are used. Some of the highly effective surgical procedures used for the treatment of keratoconus are corneal collagen cross-linking and corneal ring implants. For operating different surgical procedures in the most efficient manner, the eye care institutes are well-equipped with latest ultra-modern equipment.


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