Effective Treatment of Cataract through Different Surgical Procedures

Cataract Surgery in Delhi

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The clouding of natural len of eye that result in loss of vision is known as cataract. One of the primary causes of the cataract eye disorder is aging. Due to aging, the lens of the eye denatures protein. The protein denature of lens increases with hypertension and diabetes mellitus. Toxins, radiation, and ultraviolet light can have cumulative effect on the process of denaturing of protein by aging. Loss of protective and restorative mechanisms of the len of eye is worsening by different environmental factors coupled with aging of individuals.

Blunt trauma is can also considered as one of the causes of cataract in different individuals. If the injuries caused by blunt trauma enter inside the len, the loss of vision can be caused. Exposure of radiations, genetics and skin diseases can also cause the decrease in vision due to formation of cataract infection of the eye. If cataract disorder cannot be managed through glasses or medication, the only viable treatment is to remove the len of the eye through different surgical procedures. After the removal of the cataract through different surgical procedures, the ophthalmologists implant intraocular lenses for the purpose of restoring normal vision.

For the purpose of treatment of cataract, the removal of natural len of the eye through surgical procedures is done. Ophthalmologists make use of different surgical procedures such Phacoemulsification for removal of natural len of eye for treatment of cataract. The removal of cataract is done through an ultrasonic handpiece. Anaesthetic, Corneal incision, Capsulorhexis, Phacoemulsification, Irrigation & aspiration, and Lens insertion, are different steps followed in the process of Phacoemulsification, for removal of natural len of the eye through complicated surgical procedures mentioned above.

The handpiece equipped with a titanium or steel tip, for the purpose of removal of cataract. Apart from this, the Ophthalmologists conduct Extracapsular cataract extraction (ECCE) that involves the removal of the entire natural len. For the purpose of allowing implantation of intraocular lens, the elastic len capsule is left intact in the len of the eye during cataract surgery. The upgraded version of extracapsular cataract extraction is manual small incision cataract surgery. By using latest extraction technique in manual small incision cataract surgery, the entire lens of the eye is extracted without keeping the elastic len capsules are intact. The removal of the lens is done through Intracapsular cataract extraction (ICCE). In addition to this, the procedures of cryo-extraction are used to effectively removal of the natural len of the eye through freezing the lens with liquid nitrogen.

Cataract Surgery in DelhiThe patients suffering from cataract infection could consult eye care institute in Delhi for effective and systematic treatment through Cataract Surgery in Delhi under the supervision of experienced ophthalmologists. Based on the conditions of the patients, the doctors can suggest different types of surgical procedures. After the cataract surgery, the doctors may recommend certain postoperative care, for the purpose of avoiding any complications.


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