Causes and Treatment of Cataract Some of the Causes of Cataract

Cataract Surgery in Delhi

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Some of the causes of cataract are aging, trauma, and radiation. Other reasons for the cataract eye diseases are Genetics and Skin diseases. Some of the ophthalmologists also recommend that the cataract disease can be caused by excessive drug use. Besides this, certain medication can also be cause of cataract eye disease in different individuals. It is recommended by the doctors and experts to quit smoking for the purpose of prevention of cataract. The issue of exposure of ultra-violet rays should be effectively addressed for the purpose of prevention of cataract.

It is reported that no procedures are scientifically proven for the prevention of cataract. Often ophthalmologists suggest the individuals to make use of ultraviolet-protecting sunglasses. In some cases, it was reported that the use of antioxidants can be effective in prevention of cataract. Some of the antioxidants such as vitamins A, vitamin C, and vitamin E, have showed promising results in the clinical trial phases, for the purpose of prevention of cataract. It was reported that the Statin was highly effective in prevention of cataract of nuclear sclerotic cataract.

Treatment of Cataract through Phacoemulsification

One of the most preferred treatments of cataract is removal of clouded cataract infected natural lens of patients through different surgical procedures, which are called as cataract surgery. In the cataract surgery, the transparency of the len of the eye is attained by removing the cataract infected lens with synthetic lens. These types of synthetic lens used for restoring transparency of the lens are called intraocular lenses. The patients can contact multi-specialty hospitals for the purpose of getting highly effective Cataract Surgery in Delhi.

Cataract Surgery in Delhi

With more than 90% success rate, the cataract surgery performed by reputed ophthalmologists or eye surgeons, the cataract surgery is highly demanded for cataract treatment in Delhi. Phacoemulsification and extracapsular cataract extraction are two different types of surgical procedures popular among ophthalmologists for the purpose of treatment of cataract eye diseases in Delhi. As the most popular cataract treatment through surgery, the Phacoemulsification involves the use of sophisticated titanium or steel tip ultrasonic hand piece for the purpose of removal of cataract infected natural len.

Lasik Laser in Delhi

Lasik Laser in Delhi

At a frequency of more than 40, 000 Hz, the tip of hand piece is used for the purpose of emulsification of materials of the lens of eye. “Cracker” is used for the purpose of chopping the internal nucleus into several pieces. After the removal of len of the eye, the dual irrigation aspiration probe is used for the purpose of removing remaining peripheral cortical materials. Besides offering their patients with different cataract surgeries, the eye treatment clinics also offer highly effective vision correction procedures through ultra-modern Lasik Laser in Delhi.


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