Several Types of Popular Treatment of Cataract through Surgical Procedures

Keratoconus Treatment in Delhi

Blade-Free LASIK and Keratoconus Treatment in Delhi

Age, Trauma, Radiation and Genetics, are some of the causes of cataract diseases that can lead to low quality of life due to reduction of vision over a period of time. The cataract can be treated by effective removal of the len of the patients’ eye through surgery, which is known as Cataract surgery. Opacification occurs in the len, which should be removed to prevent the decrease in vision, of the eye of the patients during the cataract. The cataract can affect or develop opacification in the len both the eye and even single eye.

Impairment, which causes loss of vision, is caused by loss of transparency due to metabolic changes occurred over time. Strong glare from lights is one of the first symptoms reported by many individuals suffering from cataract problems. Besides this, the reduced acuity at low light levels is other symptoms reported by many individuals. Under the supervision of qualified surgeons, the cloudy natural cataract len is effectively by using different surgical procedures. After removal of the len, the eye’ len is effectively replaced by synthetic lens.

The synthetic lens effectively restores the transparency of lens. For ensuring high standards of quality, the doctors often make use of an artificial intraocular len implants. The ophthalmologist makes use of local anesthesia like retrobulbar, while conducting Cataract surgery in a surgical center, for ensuring no discomfort. Under the supervision of qualified ophthalmologist, the cataract surgeries are highly successful with success rate of more than 90%, for restoring normal vision.

Quick post-operation recovery makes different types of cataract surgeries highly appreciated among cataract patients. Besides this, the cataract surgeries like Phacoemulsification are associated with minimally invasive and small incision. Throughout the world, there are two types of major cataract surgeries that are used for treatment of cataract. Phacoemulsification is first procedures and other procedures involve different types of extracapsular cataract extraction. Manual small incision cataract surgery (MSICS) is an improvement of extracapsular cataract extraction where by using scleral tunnel wound, the entire lens is expressed out.

Other types of popular Cataract Surgery in Delhi are Intracapsular cataract extraction and Femtosecond laser. By freezing the len with liquid nitrogen, the Cryoextraction can be used for the effective removal of len for restoring vision of eye

Lasik Laser in DelhiBoth cataract surgery and Lasik Laser in Delhi are used for restoring vision but these two are very much different from each other. The cataract surgery involves removal of natural len and replacing with artificial one, for restoring vision. By using high density laser, the Lasik laser surgical procedures correct vision by the process of reshaping the cornea of the eye.


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