Cataract its Causes and Cataract Surgeries


Cataract Surgery in Delhi

Cataract is clouding of the lens of the eye due to protein build up. This clouding of the lens prevents the light from entering the lens and thus lens are not able to focus the image on retina, which takes image to brain for processing. Cataract may be due to old age, it can be from the birth due to some injuries or infection before birth of a child. The exposure to certain drugs such as corticosteroids or diuretics, ultraviolent rays of sun, radiation or advance stage of diabetes can also cause cataract. Injury to eye, consumption of alcohol, heavy smoking, long term use of steroids, air pollution can also lead to cataract .Any disease in the eye such as glaucoma, retinitis, retinal detachment, pigmentosa or long term uveitis can also progress to cataract. The potential risk to cataract is there for a person with family history of cataract.

Surgery is the only way to get rid of the cataract .There is two kinds of surgeries and use of any surgery will depend on the kind of cataract one has. Though many people can work well with contact lens and glasses. But in serious cases, when the vision is deteriorating and vision loss is possible for ever, then surgery is suggested. In adults, the degree of vision affected by the cataract determines the surgery need and in children the surgery need depends on the degree of interference with normal vision development.

In small incision surgery, sound waves are used to break up the lens into smaller pieces .Laser is also used to break the lens .This is the most common way of removing cataract . In the second called extracapsular cataract extraction surgery, the lens and its front portion, is opened and then removed in one piece. Second surgery is given to person who have cataract in both eyes. The surgery is not done on both eyes. Cataract surgery in Delhi. The first eye is given time to heal and then depending on the improvement in one eye; the surgery on another eye is performed. Anyone with glaucoma and cataract diseases, the surgery can be given at the same time for both the conditions.

Lasik laser in Delhi

After the surgery, the clouding of posterior lens capsule may occur within 5 years. But it is not considered as a serious problem and it treated with a laser surgery. Since the possibility of vision loss is always present with the cataract, the services of an eye specialist should be taken without loss of time. For people with other eye conditions such as farsighted, nearsighted or astigmatism, LASIK surgery is given to correct the vision. Lasik laser in Delhi. The main function of the LASIK surgery is to reshape the cornea, so that the light is properly focused on the retina. The need for contact and glasses also comes down after LASIK.

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Symptoms of Cataract and Its Treatment and Preventions

The clouding of the clear crystalline lens of the eye is known as cataract. When this happens the light cannot pass through the lens and focus on retina. Cataracts may have many symptoms. Most commonly, a decline in the sharpness of vision is observed. Sensitive to bright light is another symptom. A form of cataract known as nuclear sclerotic cataract can cause a decline in the sharpness of colors, causing them to appear more muted than before.


Sometimes, cataracts can cause double vision in the eye with the cataract. This happens, when the clouded portion of the lens splits the light into two images. In some elders the ability to see clearly at close up may return with the progression of the cataract. This happens when there is change in the refractive power of the lens due to cataract. But this increased in close vision comes with decreased sharpness, glare and ability to see clear colors.  In the early stages of cataracts, impact of the vision may be little One of the first signs of increase in cataract is the need to frequently change the glasses. In later stages glare or double vision begins to occur. The removal of cataract is the only solution to the problem.

Surgical Treatment

Surgical treatment depends on the health of the eye and assessment of the curvature of the cornea

The doctor may also dilate the eye to see the lens and back part of the eye .peripheral vision and eye pressure measurement is also done before the treatment begins .Surgery involves incision of 3mm at the edge of the cornea. After this, the lens is broken into small pieces and removed with the ultrasound process called phacoemulsification.Then a silicone or plastic lens is put in the place of old lens. This lens stays permanently and works normally focusing light on the retina. The wounds left after this type of surgery are so small that they do not require any suture to close them.

The surgery is done in 20 minutes or so and patient may be prescribed glasses after examination at the end of second or third week. With advanced techniques and facilities, the cataract treatment has become very safe. The blade less surgery to correct eye vision and remove the need of wearing eye glasses for ever is performed at .all leading hospitals now. Blade Free Lasik in Delhi can be performed under the guidance of best doctors supported by advanced facilities.

Exposure to harmful UV can increase the chances of getting cataract. Smoking is other factor which increases the risk of getting cataract. People with exposure to sunlight should protect the eyes with sunglasses. Any defect in vision or decrease in ability to see the colors sharply,

Cataract surgery in Delhi should be treated as serious issue and a doctor must be consulted.