Types of Surgeries Performed to Remove Cataract

Cataract is the cloudiness of the lens of the eye. This is due to aging process or due to some physical injury to the eye.  During the cataract surgery, the cloudy lens is removed and is replaced by clear lens, which is a manmade lens.

There are three types of surgerical techniques, by which the cataract is removed. In the extracapsular type, which is also most common technique used in the treatment, the surgeon makes a slit at the side of the cornea and removes the cloudy section of the eye lens.   The rest of the lens is vacuumed. This type of procedure is used in case of advanced cataract.

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In Phacoemulsification ,small incision is made in the side of the cornea and then an ultraviolent vibration are send to the eye to break the cloudy lens into small parts. Then these small parts are sucked out by making a small incision in the eye. In the older type of cataract surgery, the lens is taken out in one piece. Though, this surgery is rarely used today, but may be required in cases of trauma or dislocation of lens.

The lens which is put in the place of old cloudy lens is called intraocular lens. This lens comes with an optical power selected by the surgeon to give normal vision. This lens does not require any special care. The function of this lens is to focus light onto the retina and improve the vision. Cataract surgery does not require a patient to stay in the hospital and can be done in one hour.  Patient is under some kind of sedative and numb drops are given to the eyes before the start of the surgery. If both eye need cataract surgery, the only one eye is treat at the time and next eye is treated after 4 – 8 weeks. The result of one eye will determine the next surgery in other eye.

The use of laser is bit expenses Cataract surgery in Delhi compare to other methods of the cataract surgery. The laser use improves accuracy but has no major impact on the result of the cataract surgery. It also does not reduce the recovery time.

Cataract surgery is considered very safe and the rate of success is more than 98 %. After the surgery, there may be some irritation in the eye and doctor may prescribe some medicine as pain reliever.  Some sensitivity to light Lasik laser in Delhi  and tearing in the eye may also occur, but all these are short term issues, which will go after few days. Doctors also recommend wearing dark glasses for few days. After the surgery, patient may need new prescription of eye glass. The use of reading glass after cataract surgery is needed. The consultation with eye surgeon must decide the type of treatment and other precaution during and after the cataract surgery.


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