Cataract Surgeries Performed In India

Cataract is the condition in which cloudy lens of the eye affects the vision of the person. This cloudy of the eye lens can be due to old age or because of some injuries to the eye. Surgery is the only mean to remove the cataract lens to help a person to get the normal vision. In the cataract surgery, the affected lens is removed and replaced by plastic lens.

In extracapsular surgery method   a medium sized slit is made on the side of the cornea to remove the cloudy lens of the eye. After this removal the surgeon vacuums the rest of the lens. This surgery is often done when the degree of the affected lens is more than normal. In phacoemulfication, the small incision is made to vacuum out remove the harder part of the lens after it is liquefied. The surgeon uses anesthesia to do the phacoemulfication. The small opening is made at the side of the cornea. Then, a device is send into the eye to disintegrate the lens into small pieces with ultrasound vibrations .These fragments are then sucked out of the small incision made at the side of the cornea. In intracapsular surgery, the whole lens is removed in one piece. This required making quite a big cut to remove the lens. These days, this type of surgery is used only in case of trauma and dislocation of lens.

Cataract Surgery in Delhi

The lens which replaces the natural lens of the eye is made of plastic. The selection of a particular lens depends on the size of the patient eye .This lens is called intraocular lens or intraocular implant, IOL. These lenses focus light onto retina to help patient to see correctly. These lenses are permanent and don’t need replacement can last the life of the patient.

The surgeries can be Cataract surgery in Delhi performed in form of outpatient procedure and patients do not have to stay in hospital.  Some persons like to stay awake during the process of surgery. But local anesthesia is always given. Some sedative is also given with numb drops put in the eye under operation.   Both the eye is not given cataract surgery at the same time. If both eyes need surgery, then difference between the two surgeries will be 4 to 8 weeks.

Some mild pain or itching is normal after surgery. Sensitive to light and some discharge from eye is other Lasik laser in Delhi normal conditions after the surgery. Surgeon recommends some pain killers and drops to aid the healing process, prevent infection and pressure inside the eye.  Some strenuous exercises are to be avoided immediately after surgery. The person should also use reading glass immediately after surgery.

But before any surgery, the consultations with eye specialist are very important. The condition of the eye, general health condition of the patient is taken into consideration before deciding the surgery method to remove the cataract.


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