Blade free surgery and its advantages over the traditional surgeries

Lasik surgery is conducted to correct the eye vision. Lasik surgery involves the use of laser to reshape the areas under the flap. This flap is created by the use of micro blade in the cornea of the eye. All Lasik surgeries use laser to reshape the cornea for correcting vision. But in the blade free surgery, the laser is the only instrument that is used throughout the surgery. The flap is also created with the use of laser. The use of laser ensures that there is not cut marks and stitching involved in blade free or laser surgery. The healing and recovery time is faster and chances of any complication are less compare to other Lasik surgeries.

With the use of laser in Lasik surgery, the patient who have thin cornea can also be given the Lasik treatment. Earlier, these patients were not considered suitable for Lasik surgery. The use of blade less surgery makes it possible to create the cornea flap thin enough to treat the previously unsuitable candidates’ .The precision with which flap is created in blade free surgery is unmatched. The size of the flap is consistent all over the flap .The flap is made at the accurate depth and pre determined diameter.


The laser operates at high speed with the help of computer and can be targeted at the tissue to divide it at the molecular level without affecting surrounding areas .The healing process is quick, because the surgeons can Blade Free Lasik in Delhi make the accurate size flap that can fall back original place correctly for natural healing.

Compare to other Lasik surgery, where the blade is used to create the flap, the Lasik surgery with laser or blade less surgery produces few or nil complication after the surgery. The only complication may be that person may become sensitive to light but that surgeon believes is temporary issue. The use of laser in Lasik also gives less chances of dry eye after the surgery. The blade less surgery increases the safety of correction Lasik laser in Delhi of vision by Lasik surgery.  The only issue that is involved with the use of laser surgery is the cost of the treatment which may go up because the cost of the laser is high. The patients have to consult the eye surgeon to determine the correct surgery.

The facilities and trained doctors at the eye institute also determine the use of blade free surgery. The time taken by the actual treatment is very less and patient can move out of hospital in same day. Before the operation, some drops are given to the eye to keep them numb. Local anesthesia is also given. But patient cannot resume the normal working life immediately after surgery. The strenuous exercises and swimming is prohibited during recovery period. Patient has to conduct the doctor before resuming routine working.


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