Cataract surgery and its effects

Cloudy the eye lens is known as cataract. Usually it is due to aging process but injury to eye can also cause cataract. The patient should immediately consult the eye surgeon because any delay may lead to permanent blindness. Cataract surgery involves removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with man mad new lens. Some cataracts do not grow into serious problems, and stay without causing any vision problem. But other grows into serious issue and blurs the normal vision.  When a cataract progress, the entire lens of the eye becomes white and cloudy, this stage is called ripe or mature stage .it causes serious vision problems. As a rule, the cataract should be treated before is goes beyond surgery stage.


Cataract surgery –

Cataract surgeries are done by a technique called phacoemulfication.  In this surgery, the cut is made to harder part of the lens is liquefied and then vacuum out , The cut is made at the side of the cornea. The surgeon uses local anesthesia, before the start of the surgery. The device is inserted into the eye to   send ultrasound into the eye. This ultrasound breaks  the clouded lens into smaller pieces. The smaller breakaway pieces are then vacuum out through the cut from the side of the eye. After the surgery, the man made lens called intraocular lens are put in the eye.

This intraocular Cataract Surgery in Delhi NCR lens can be plastic, silicon or acrylic and has optical power that is chosen by the surgeon to give normal vision to the patient.  This lens needs no special care and is permanent. The duration of the surgery is not more than an hour and is done on outpatient basis. The patient can go home on the same day. But the patient has to follow certain guidelines for several days after the surgery.  The surgery is not given to both the eyes at the same time. Generally one eye is treated and the results are analyses before start of surgery for other eye. There has to be some time gap between two surgeries.

After surgery –

 Surgery is very safe and successful in more than 98 % of cases. Some patients in rare cases may develop some complications, which are transient in nature. Surgeon can recommend some over the counter drugs to cure mild irritation in the eyes. The wear of dark eye glasses is recommended to protect eye from lights.  The patient is also prohibited from strenuous exercises or swimming for few a weeks. .During surgery, the outer lining wall of the cataract, is left in the eye to hold the replacement plant. In some cases, the clouding of this lining may occur after some times. Then a laser Lasik Laser in New Delhi called YAG laser is used to give back normal vision by opening a small hole. This procedure does not involve any pain and it’s effortlessly done by the expert surgeon. The replace lens is not removed.


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