Process Involved In The Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is performed to inserted man made lens in the place of cloudy lens .This man made lens is called intraocular lens. The eye lens can become cloudy due to natural process of aging or any injury to the eye. Before the cataract surgery, the surgeon examines the eye health, general health of the patient and then discusses the complication which may or may not arise during or after surgery.

The actual surgery is given on the outpatient bases and patient can go home during same day. The duration of the surgery is very brief. Just before the start of the surgery, local anesthesia is given. Some drops may also be given to numb the eyes.  The surgery is done with a method called phacoemulsification. In this method, a small cut is made at the side of the cornea. A device sending ultrasound vibrations is put inside the eye to break the cloudy lens into smaller pieces. These smaller pieces are the vacuum out through that cut at the cornea side. The laser may also be used to make the cut. This use of laser is done with hope to improve the recovery from surgery.

Lasik Laser in Delhi

The lens which is placed is plastic, silicon or acrylic lens. This lens is placed at the exact place, where the cloudy lens was. The intraocular lens is permanent and does not require any change. The after the surgery, the patient is shifted from operation room to other room.  General anesthesia is rarely used in during cataract surgery. Some patients are conscious during surgery with some sedatives. The cataract surgery is Cataract Surgery in Delhi not done on both eyes simultaneously. The difference of few weeks is kept between two operations.

Lasik surgery is done to treat vision cases of myopia, long sightedness and astigmatism.  The use of laser is done to reshape the area under cornea after keeping aside the flap in the cornea. Lasik surgery involves totally use of laser to cut the flap and treat the area under the cornea for curing vision problem. A cool ultraviolet beam of light is used to remove tissues from the cornea and improve the vision .The only difference between Lasik and non Lasik surgeries is that in latter, the laser is used only to reshape the cornea area. The flap is cut manually by a small knife.  The use of Lasik surgery Lasik laser in Delhi improves the accuracy of cornea flap and chances of recovery are fast and permanent.


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