Basic of cataract surgery and use of Lasik laser

Cataract surgery is done to remove the cloudy lens of the eye. The need for this surgery may come after 50 years of age or due to injury to the physical or chemical injury to the eye. The surgery involves removal of the cloudy lens and placement of manmade lens in its place. This manmade lens is called intraocular lens. The lens is permanent and need no maintenance.

In cataract surgery, the high ultrasound device that breaks the cloudy lens into smaller pieces and these pieces are removed from the eye by suction. The small cut is made at the side of the eye for the suction of smaller cloudy lens parts. After the removal of all smaller parts of the cloudy lens, the manmade lens is places behind the iris and pupil, exactly at the place, the position of cloudy lens. After inserting the lens, the cut is closed; the stitching may or may not be required. Then the protective shield is put on the eye during the initial days of the recovery. The actual surgery takes Cataract Surgery in Delhi place in less than half an hour. The patient has to follow the instruction and recommendation given by the surgeon for proper recovery.  Surgeon may also advice patient against taking certain exercises and activity during recovery period.

Lasik Laser in Delhi

Use of Lasik laser surgery –

The use of laser in the cataract surgery has been approved by the United States in many hospitals in the country. This laser is the same laser that is used to create flap in to treat the area under cornea for curing short sightedness, high sightedness and astigmatism.   The laser in Lasik surgery is used to cut the cornea flap and then reshape the area under the cornea by keeping flap aside. The lasers are used in non –laser surgeries also. But in Lasik laser surgery, laser is also used to cut the cornea flap. In cataract surgery, the laser fragments the cloudy lens into smaller parts for removal. With the use of laser in the cataract surgery the need to make cut for removing smaller cloudy lens is not required.  The cost of laser cataract surgery may be high for some patients and only some hospital are equipped with the facilities to provide laser surgery in cataract. The studies have confirmed that Lasik laser in Delhi laser use   improves the accuracy in cataract surgery and recovery chances also improve tremendously with the use of laser.

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