Types of cataract surgeries and benefits of lasik laser surgery

Cataract Surgery in Delhi

Cataract Surgery in Delhi

The main purpose of cataract surgery is to remove the cloudy lens and  put man made lens in its place . This man made lens is known as intraocular lens. The surgery is done when vision deterioration has led to the conditions where the patient cannot function properly in the day. The aim of the surgery is to help person to get the vision and return to normal working  life.

Persons who have cataract in both the eyes can get surgery only in one eye and second surgery can only be performed after gaps of few weeks   . The surgeon can select one of the two main surgeries for the patient . The selection of  surgery depends on the condition of the cataract  and general health of the patient .

In small incision surgery ,an incision is made at the side of the eye to pass the sound waves to  break the cloudy glass into smaller pieces . The broken smaller parts are then sucked out of the eye .

In extra capsular extraction method   the lens is removed in one piece and manmade lens  is inserted. In this surgery , the lens and front portion of the lens capsule wrapping around the lens is opened  to remove lens .

Cataract Surgery in Delhi

After the surgery, Cataract Surgery in Delhi the patient has to stick to the medications prescribed by the surgeon. The patient is prohibited from certain activities and exercises.  Persons even after surgery  may need reading glasses due to age factor. After cataract surgery , the lens may get cloudy after five years . But this is a normal problem and gets treated with laser surgery without any complication

Lasik Laser in Delhi

Lasik surgery is done to cure the short sightedness, long sightedness  and astigmatism. The use of laser is involved in all surgeries to reshape the cornea . But in Lasik surgery , the laser cuts the flap of the cornea and also treats the area below the cornea after keeping flap aside . The manual blade is not used to cut the flap of cornea.  The use of Lasik laser in Delhi laser improves accuracy and also the rate of success involving Lasik is above 90 %.. The need for stitches is totally eliminated and recovery time also comes down . It is also reported that after the use of Lasik, the need for glass and contact lens comes down drastically and some patients may not need them at all . The use of Lasik depends on the facilities available in the hospital and experience of the surgeons .

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