Use of laser in cataract and Lasik surgeries

In cataract, the clouded lens is removed by surgery and it replaced intraocular lens, which is an artificial lens.  The removal of clouded lens is done through either of the two surgeries. These surgeries are known as small incision surgery and standard extracapsular extraction. In the first surgery, the surgeon uses small incision to pass the sound wave to break up the clouded lens into smaller parts. These parts are then sucked out of the eye.

In the extraction method, the front portion of the lens is opened up to remove the lens in one piece. The one of the common problem, faced by the patient is the clouding of lens capsule after five year of cataract surgery. This clouding is not considered a serious issue and a laser is used to treat this clouding.


For patients with Cataract Surgery in Delhi cataract in both eyes, the operation is performed only in one eye and then after a gap, the second surgery is performed. The surgery is never done simultaneously on both eyes. For patients, who have both glaucoma and cataract, the surgery is done for both issues at the same time. Cataract surgery can be done without hospitalization. The time taken by the surgery is less than one hour.

Lasik surgeries are used on patients to treat cases of shortsightedness, long sightedness and astigmatism. The surgery is done to reshape the cornea so that light is focused on the retina for clearer vision. The surgery is pain free and can be performed in 15 minutes. The results can come within 24 hours. The use of laser comes in all Lasik surgeries. The laser is used to treat the underlying area of the cornea and to reshape the areas for clearer vision. The flap is cut by the small knife. Then this flap is just kept side to treat the underlying area. After treated the underlying areas, the flap is put back in the place to cover the area from where cornea tissue was removed.

In Lasik laser surgery, Lasik laser in Delhi the laser is used to cut the flap of the cornea. The use of laser for cutting cornea flap is gives exact shape of the flap .The Lasik surgery is considered one of the most successful surgeries with rate of success touching above 96 %. The clarity in vision comes immediately after the surgery and it involves no stitches and bandages.  After Lasik, the patient may feel no need for contact lens and glasses. After cataract, the reading glasses may be needed by the patient according to age conditions.