Cataract Surgery And Benefit Of Using Laser In Lasik Surgery

Sardanaeye Institute

Cataract surgery is done to replace the clouded natural lens of the eye with artificial man made lens .The modern techniques involve the use of ultrasound devices that break the clouded lens into smaller parts and then these smaller parts are removed from the eye . In phacoemulsification, only small incision is needed take out the smaller parts of the clouded lens.

Like Lasik surgery, the laser is also being used in the cataract surgery now. The use of laser has been approved in the United States. The laser is used to create corneal incisions to gain access to lens. It is also used to remove the anterior capsule of the lens, and break the lens into smaller parts.  The laser can also be used to reduce the astigmatism by creating peripheral corneal incisions.

Cataract Surgery in Delhi

The man made lens, which is inserted after removing the clouded lens is a plastic, acrylic or silicon made. Before insertion, the surgeon adjusts the optical power vision of the lens to restore the normal vision of the patient. The Cataract Surgery In Delhi  reduces the dependence of the patient on the reading glass.The cataract surgery is safe and its success rate is around 98 percent.

Lasik Laser Surgery Benefits –

Lasik surgery is performed to cure the farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism.  In Lasik surgeries, the surgeon removes the cornea flap, to access the areas under the cornea. To cure the problem, the area under the cornea has to be reshaped before replacing the flap on the treated area. The laser is used to reshape the area under the cornea. The cornea flap is cut with the help of micro blades. But in the Lasik laser surgery, laser is used to cut the cornea flap also.The only difference between laser Lasik surgery and non laser Lasik surgery is that in laser Lasik surgery,the s laser is used twice, first, to create cornea flap and then for reshaping the exposed area under cornea for treatment.

The surgery takes place after numbing the eye with drops. The eye holder is placed on the eye to keep them open during the surgery. The patient is made to look at the pinpoint light, called target light, while the laser is used to reshape the corneal tissue. After this the cornea flap is placed back and it sticks with the underlying issues of cornea within few minutes.  The stitches are not needed. For nearsightedness, the cornea is flattened and for farsightedness, the steeper cornea is created.

Lasik Laser in Delhi

The use of laser Lasik Laser In Delhi thus allows surgeon to create accurate shape cornea flap and perform the surgery without stitches.


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